Technical facilities stage area

  • Depth 5m; height 0.80 m; width max. 12 m (trapeze); 44 qm stage area
  • Stage extension to the front if required
  • Height above stage 5 m

Stage curtain / Rigging

  • Back black curtain and electrically-operated front curtain
  • 4x flying bars in full width; capacity of 350 kg shared of the total lenght of the flying bars


  • Lighting board AVAB-ETC Congo
  • 1. line: 2x Varilight VL 1000
  • 2. line: 2x VL 1000 und 1x ETC-Source Four Revolution
  • 3. line: 2x ETC-Source Four Revolution
  • In front of stage left and right 2 ETC-Source Four Revolution each
  • 4 sockets for stage area for extra lamps can be dimmed
  • CEE standard connections around stage, incl. 3x each phase 63 amps 3x32 amps
  • Audience lights can be dimmed, 500 lux


  • Permanently installed speakers E-Voice
  • Sound board with 16 channels (microphone / Line), 8 group outlets, 2 masters
  • Cordless microphones Sennheiser, 6 channels (headset, button and hand microphone)
  • Recording and playing equip. (DAT, CD, tape, MD, MC, DVD, HD ...)
  • Induction loop for the hard of hearing

Video- and Projection system

  • Beamer: Cristie LX Serie 15.000 Ansi-Lumen, Format 4:3, fest installiert, datenfähig
  • Leinwand: Leinwand fest installiert 4,5m x 6m, mobile Leinwände vorhanden
  • Signalverteilung: Crestron Videomatrix
  • Hausfernsehen: Nebenräume können im eigenen Hausfernsehnetz auf 2 Kanälen bespielt werden
  • Sonstiges Verschiedene Videowandler, Umschalter, Splitter, Vorschaumonitore etc. Kabel in ausreichender Anzahl und Länge vorhanden
  • Detaillierte Informationen auf Anfrage

W-LAN technology

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot at up to IEEE802.11n / wired gigabit network / High-Speed DSL/ISDN

Heating and air-conditioning

  • Heating/ventilation and air-conditioning in all halls and foyers


  • Commercial lift, max. cap. 4,000 kg, dimensions 5.1x2.4 m