Technical facilities stage area

  • 4 hydraulic risers - different heights from floor level = 0 - 2.60 m
  • 1 hydraulic riser as lift from street level to stage for technical equip. (65.5 qm, max. 5,000 kg)
  • Podium II: 91,2 qm
    Podium III: 49,1 qm
    Podium IV: 46,5 qm
    Total stage area: 252,3 qm
  • Standard stage height 1.12 m
  • Stage depth variable from2.50 m / 5 m / 10 m / 15 m
  • Stage width max. 26.50 m (trapeze)
  • Height above stage from 8.35 m to 9.50 m with standard stage height of 1.12 m

Stage curtain / Rigging

  • Back black curtain and electrically-operated front curtain
  • 5x flying bars in full width; capacity of 500 kg shared of the total lenght of the flying bars
  • 63 motorised chain blocks; capacitiy above the stage of 1.000 kg (20 parts), otherwise capacity of 500 kg; you can use as far as 24 motorised chain blocks at the same time
  • Traverses (mini-beam, totaly lenght about 60 meters)


  • Spotlights in the ceiling: 12x Martin TW1 in the 1. line,  8xTW1 in the 2. line, 8x Robe 1200 Colorspot in the 3. line
  • Niches and catwalks at rear and sides of stage for positioning spots
  • offset connections for additional lamps in ceiling and stage area
  • Audience lights can be dimmed
  • 2 x follow spots with 2,500w CSI lamps
  • 1 x follow spots with 1,200w CSI lamps
  • Intercom system - ASL, 6 stations, 2 channels
  • Power connections in stage area; left: alternatively Powerlock, 1x3x125 A CEE, 1x3x63 A CEE; right: 4x3x200 A, 1x3x32 A CEE, 1x3x16 A CEE, 1x3x63 A CEE (Attention! max. 360 A possible!)


  • Loudspeakers - D&B Qi Line Array (LCR System installed with left/right: 6xQi+1xQ10 Downfill; Center: 4xQi+1xQ10 Downfill) 2x D6B J-Sub Subwoofer 3x18"; about 3KW SubSound board
  • Delay Line with 6xD&B E12 12"/1"
  • Mixing-Console: Yamaha M7CL 32-channel digital, 16-Aux/groups, 8xVCA
  • Cordless microphones Sennheiser, (headset, button and hand microphone)
  • Dynamic and capacitor microphone -Sennheiser
  • Recording and playing equip. (DAT, CD, tape, MD, MC, DVD, HD...)

Video- and Projection systems

  • 2 beamer, with 15.000 ANSI each
  • 2 horizontal and vertical moving screens, wide 6 m each
  • Cable with seperate length for VGA, VGA-distributor, amplifier and switch
  • Monitors in various dimensions
  • Slide projectors  and overhead projectors
  • Sound and video feed to all off-stage rooms, 2 TV-house-channels
  • Equip. available for congress presentations (flipcharts, pin boards, room dividers)

W-LAN technology

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot at up to IEEE802.11n / wired gigabit network / High-Speed DSL/ISDN

Special features

  • Parking and connections for broadcasting vehicles
  • Seating for orchestra, music standsconcert pianos: Steinway D 274Grotrian Steinweg 275baby grand Grotrian Steinweg 225baby grand Schimmel 180piano Grotrian Steinweg 110 Available in all rooms


  • All halls and foyers are fully air-conditioned


  • Commercial lift max. 3,100 kg,dimensions 2.35 x 5.40 m
  • 1 hydraulic riser as lift for technical equip., max. 5,000 kg (see Technical facilities stage area)
  • Lifts (fitted for persons with special needs)